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dc.contributor.authorCaron, Jeffrey
dc.contributor.authorBloom, Gordon A.
dc.contributor.authorBennie, Andrew
dc.publisherHuman kineticsfr
dc.subjectCoaching sciencefr
dc.subjectBrain concussionfr
dc.subjectQualitative researchfr
dc.subjectConcussion educationfr
dc.titleCanadian high school coaches’ experiences, insights, and perceived roles with sport-related concussionsfr
dc.contributor.affiliationUniversité de Montréal. Faculté de médecine. École de kinésiologie et des sciences de l'activité physiquefr
dc.contributor.affiliationInstitut universitaire sur la réadaptation en déficience physique de Montréalfr
dc.contributor.affiliationCentre de recherche interdisciplinaire en réadaptationfr
dc.contributor.affiliationAssociation canadienne de psychologie du sportfr
dcterms.abstractThere is a need to improve concussion education and prevention efforts for youth athletes and those responsible for their care. The purpose of this study was to understand Canadian high school coaches’ insights and perceptions of concussions. Using a case study design, eight high school coaches were interviewed and the data were analysed using a hierarchical content analysis. Findings indicated that participants primarily acquired information about concussions through their own experiences as athletes and parents, and from reports in the sports media. The coaches’ felt their role with concussions was to teach athletes safety techniques during practices and competitions and to encourage them to accurately report their concussion symptoms. In addition, participants forwarded a number of recommendations to improve the dissemination of information to coaches. Results from this study will add to a limited body of concussion research with youth sport coaches. Participants’ insights provide researchers and clinicians with information about coaches’ perceived role with sport-related
dcterms.descriptionAccepted author manuscript version reprinted, by permission, from International Sport Coaching Journal, 2015, 2, 285 -297 © 2015 Human Kinetics,
UdeM.ReferenceFournieParDeposantCaron, J. G., Bloom, G. A., & Bennie, A. (2015). Canadian high school coaches’ experiences, insights, and perceived roles with sport-related concussions. International Sport Coaching Journal, 2, 285-297. doi:10.1123/iscj.2015-0022fr
UdeM.VersionRioxxVersion acceptée / Accepted Manuscriptfr
oaire.citationTitleInternational sport coaching journalfr

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