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    Elicitation of the passé composé in French preschoolers with and without specific language impairment [1]
    L’ellipse du nom en français : le rôle des données de l’acquisition pour la théorie linguistique [1]
    ENIGMA and the individual : Predicting factors that affect the brain in 35 countries worldwide [1]
    ERPs and task effects in the auditory processing of gender agreement and semantics in French [1]
    Ethical Issues Raised by Private Practice Physiotherapy Are More Diverse than First Meets the Eye: Recommendations from a Literature Review [1]
    Ethics teaching in rehabilitation: results of a pan-Canadian workshop with occupational and physical therapy educators [1]
    Étude de faisabilité portant sur l’évaluation de la production et de la compréhension du langage oral en français [1]
    The euchromatic and heterochromatic landscapes are shaped by antagonizing effects of transcription on H2A.Z deposition [1]
    Evaluation of qualityof-life in patients with narcolepsy treated with sodium oxybate : use of the 36-item short-form health survey in a clinical trial. [1]
    Evaluation of Reducibility of Trunk Asymmetry in Lateral Bending [1]
    L’évolution d’une coopération bibliothéconomique dans le secteur de la santé: le consortium des ressources électroniques du RUIS de l’UdeM [2]
    Exploring the Diversity of Physiology for Applications in Wastewater Treatment and Biofuels Production [1]
    The factors contributing to teacher predictions of spelling ability, and the accuracy of their assessments [1]
    Familial deletion 18p syndrome: case report [1]
    Feature-based tracking of urethral motion in low-resolution trans-perineal ultrasound [1]
    fNIRS-EEG study of focal interictal epileptiform discharges [1]
    Formation and differentiation of multiple mesenchymal lineages during lung development is regulated by {beta}-catenin signaling [1]
    The French noun phrase in preschool children with SLI: morphosyntactic and error analyses [1]
    Frequency of Chromosome Healing and Interstitial Telomeres in 40 Cases of Constitutional Abnormalities [1]
    Functional neuroimaging predictors of self-reported psychotic symptoms in adolescents [1]