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    Analysis of scoliosis trunk deformities using ICA [1]
    Antagonism of tetherin restriction of HIV-1 release by Vpu involves binding and sequestration of the restriction factor in a perinuclear compartment [1]
    Anxiety, mood disorders and injection risk behaviors among cocaine users: results from the COSMO study [1]
    Application of a new method in the study of pelvic floor muscle passive properties in continent women [1]
    Are athletes psychologically ready for sport following a concussion? [1]
    Are second language learners just as good at verb morphology as first language learners? [1]
    Are stress and mixed urinary incontinence associated with impaired executive control in community-dwelling older women? [1]
    Article processing charge hyperinflation and price insensitivity : an open access sequel to the serials crisis [1]
    Articulated Model Registration of MRI/X-Ray Spine Data [1]
    Association between disruption of CD4 receptor dimerization and increased human immunodeficiency virus type 1 entry [1]
    Association between neighbourhood socioeconomic characteristics and high-risk injection behaviour amongst injection drug users living in inner vs. other city areas in Montréal, Canada [1]
    Association of protein phosphatase PPM1G with alcohol use disorder and brain activity during behavioral control in a genome-wide methylation analysis [1]
    Association of reduced extracellular brain ammonia, lactate, and intracranial pressure in pigs with acute liver failure [1]
    Associations of prenatal urinary bisphenol a concentrations with child behaviors and cognitive abilities [1]
    Associations of substance use patterns with attempted suicide among persons who inject drugs: Can distinct use patterns play a role? [1]
    AST-120 (spherical carbon adsorbent) lowers ammonia levels and attenuates brain edema in bile duct-ligated rats [1]
    Astrocyte glutamine synthetase : pivotal in health and disease [1]
    AutoFACT: An Automatic Functional Annotation and Classification Tool [1]
    Automated external defibrillator geolocalization with a mobile application, verbal assistance or no assistance : a pilot randomized simulation (AED G-MAP) [1]
    Autophagy drives fibroblast senescence through MTORC2 regulation [1]