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  • Aging and language : maintenance of morphological representations in older adults 

    Royle, Phaedra; Steinhauer, Karsten; Dessureault, Émie; Herbay, Alexandre C.; Brambati, Simona Maria (Frontiers media, 2019-05-15)
    Studies employing primed lexical decision tasks have revealed morphological facilitation effects in children and young adults. It is unknown if this effect is preserved or diminished in older adults. In fact, only few studies have investigated ...
  • Norms of concept familiarity and emotional valence for 3,596 French nouns and their contribution in lexical decision 

    Chedid, Georges; Wilson, Maximiliano A.; Bedetti, Christophe; Rey, Amandine E.; Vallet, Guillaume; Brambati, Simona Maria (Springer, 2018-08-20)
    In the last decade, research has shown that word processing is influenced by the lexical and semantic features of words. However, norms for a crucial semantic variable-that is, conceptual familiarity-have not been available for a sizeable French database. ...