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  • Actigraphy data in pediatric research : the role of sleep diaries 

    Actigraphy and sleep diary
    Tétreault, Émilie; Bélanger, Marie-Ève; Bernier, Annie; Carrier, Julie (Elsevier, 2018-01)
    Background. When assessing children's sleep using actigraphy, researchers usually rely on a sleep diary completed by a parent as an aid in scoring actigraphic data. However, parental nonadherence in completing the sleep diary may significantly reduce ...
  • Objective and subjective measures of sleep among preschoolers: Disentangling attachment security and dependency 

    Attachment and sleep among toddlers: disentangling attachment security and dependency.
    Bélanger, Marie-Ève; Bernier, Annie; Simard, Valérie; Bordeleau, Stéphanie; Carrier, Julie (2015-03)
    Many scholars have proposed that parent-child attachment security should favor child sleep. Research has yet, however, to provide convincing support for this hypothesis. The current study used objective measures of sleep and attachment to assess the ...
  • Sleep and aggressive behavior among toddlers: investigating directionality of associations 

    Sleep and aggression in toddlers
    Bélanger, Marie-Ève; Desrosiers, Kim; Bernier, Annie (Wayne State University Press, 2018)
    This study examined the reciprocal associations between sleep (duration and quality) and aggressive behavior in toddlers. The sample consisted of 82 children (43 boys and 39 girls) and their parents who completed two assessments, when children were 2 ...
  • Sleeping Toward Behavioral Regulation: Relations Between Sleep and Externalizing Symptoms in Toddlers and Preschoolers 

    Bélanger, Marie-Ève; Bernier, Annie; Simard, Valérie; Desrosiers, Kim; Carrier, Julie (2015-11-25)
    Objective: The aim of this study was to investigate the concurrent and longitudinal relations between sleep and externalizing symptoms among young children. Method: Sixty-four families (mostly Caucasian; 36 boys) were met twice, when children were ...