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  • Evidence of white matter changes on diffusion tensor imaging in frontotemporal dementia 

    Borroni, Barbara; Brambati, Simona Maria; Agosti, Chiara; Gipponi, Stefano; Bellelli, Giuseppe; Gasparotti, Roberto; Garibotto, Valentina; Di Luca, Monica; Scifo, Paola; Perani, Daniela; Padovani, Alessandro (American Medical Association, 2007)
    BACKGROUND: Two major clinical variants of frontotemporal dementia (FTD) have been described: frontal variant (fvFTD) and temporal variant (tvFTD). OBJECTIVE: To analyze white matter (WM) and gray matter (GM) tissue organization in patients with ...
  • The logopenic/phonological variant of primary progressive aphasia 

    Gorno-Tempini, Maria Luisa; Brambati, Simona Maria; Ginex, Valeria; Ogar, Jennifer M.; Dronkers, Nina; Marcone, Alessandra; Perani, Daniela; Garibotto, Valentina; Cappa, Stefano F.; Miller, Bruce L. (American Academy of Neurology, 2008)
    Objective: Primary progressive aphasia (PPA) is characterized by isolated decline in language functions. Semantic dementia and progressive nonfluent aphasia are accepted PPA variants. A “logopenic” variant (LPA) has also been proposed, but its cognitive ...
  • White matter changes in corticobasal degeneration syndrome and correlation with limb apraxia 

    Borroni, Barbara; Garibotto, Valentina; Agosti, Chiara; Brambati, Simona Maria; Bellelli, Giuseppe; Gasparotti, Roberto; Padovani, Alessandro; Perani, Daniela (American Medical Association, 2008)
    BACKGROUND: Data on white matter changes in corticobasal degeneration syndrome (CBDS) are not yet available, whereas cortical gray matter loss is a feature of this condition. The structural abnormalities related to a key feature of CBDS (limb apraxia) ...