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  • Le "besoin de la raison" dans les lettres sur la philosophie kantienne (1786-1787) 

    Piché, Claude (Springer, 2010)
    When Kant in the fall of 1786 intervened in the Pantheism Controversy with his text “What does it Mean to Orient Oneself in Thinking?,” Reinhold had already published his two first Letters on the Kantian Philosophy. It goes without saying that in his ...
  • The “felt need of reason” in Kant’s Was heisst : sich im Denken orientieren? 

    Piché, Claude (2009-05-21)
    In his text “Was heisst: sich im Denken orientieren?” Kant takes the risk of stressing the role of feeling in rational faith. There is a risk involved here because feeling is at the very center of the thesis he opposes: Jacobi’s conception of faith ...
  • Kantian Enlightenment as a critique of culture 

    La Ilustración kantiana como una crítica de la cultura
    Piché, Claude (Contexto Kantianos, 2015-11)
    It is puzzling to notice that in his 1784 essay on Enlightenment, Kant addresses every human being with his watchword « Have the courage to use your own understanding! », while at the same time he seems to restrict the access to the public discussion ...