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  • Warning Patients’ Relatives of Genetic Risks: Policy Approaches 

    Lacroix, Mireille; Godard, Béatrice; Knoppers, Bartha Maria (GenEdit, 2005)
    As an increasing number of genetic tests for specific early- and late-onset disorders move from research to the clinical setting, health care professionals are faced with new challenges or, alternatively, with novel twists on age-old ethical dilemmas. ...
  • Whither Pediatric Research and Predisposition Genetic Testing? 

    Farkas Patenaudel, Andrea; Sénécal, Karine; Avard, Denise (GenEdit, 2006)
    Research in which children undergo genetic testing for predisposition to adult-onset diseases or disorders can lead to a better understanding of these conditions. It can possibly also help encourage early detection and the development of clinical and ...