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  • Population Ethics and the Value of Life 

    Blackorby, Charles; Bossert, Walter; Donaldson, David (Université de Montréal. Département de sciences économiques., 2003)
    Public policies often involve choices of alternatives in which the size and the composition of the population may vary. Examples are the allocation of resources to prenatal care and the design of aid packages to developing countries. In order to assess ...
  • The Taxation of Nonrenewable Natural Resources 

    Gaudet, Gérard; Lasserre, Pierre (Université de Montréal. Département de sciences économiques., 2013-10)
    We provide an analytical overview of the distortionary eff ects of some common forms of taxes faced by the nonrenewable resources sector of the economy. In the category of taxes meant speci fically to capture the resource rent, we look at a speci c ...