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  • On Complexity of Lobbying in Multiple Referenda 

    Christian, Robin; Slinko, Arkadii; ROSAMOND, Frances; FELLOWS, Mike (Université de Montréal. Département de sciences économiques., 2006-10)
    In this paper we show that lobbying in conditions of “direct democracy” is virtually impossible, even in conditions of complete information about voters preferences, since it would require solving a very computationally hard problem. We use the apparatus ...
  • On the Manipulability of Proportional Representation 

    Slinko, Arkadii; WHITE, Shaun (Université de Montréal. Département de sciences économiques., 2006-07)
    This paper presents a new model of voter behaviour under methods of proportional representation (PR). We abstract away from rounding, and assume that a party securing k percent of the vote wins exactly k percent of the available seats. Under this ...