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    Belief-weighted Nash aggregation of Savage preferences [1]
    Beyond Panel Unit Root Tests: Using Multiple Testing to Determine the Non Stationarity Properties of Individual Series in a Panel [1]
    Bibliographie relative aux modèles calculables d'équilibre géneral appliqués aux économies en développement [1]
    The birth of the congressional clinic [1]
    The Bootstrap of Mean for Dependent Heterogeneous Arrays [1]
    Bootstrapping Autoregressions with Conditional Heteroskedasticity of Unknown Form [1]
    Bootstrapping factor models with cross sectional dependence [1]
    Borrowing Constraints and Female Labor Supply: Nonparametric and Parametric Evidence of the Impact of Martgage Lending Rules [1]
    Budget-Balance, Fairness and Minimal Manipulability [1]
    Bundling under the Threat of Parallel Trade [1]
    Bureaucratic Corruption As a Constraint on Voter Choice [1]
    The Canadian-U.S. Dollar Exchange Rate : Validating an Improved Version of the Stock-Flow Model [1]
    Candidate Stability and Nonbinary Social Choice [1]
    Capacity Commitment Versus Flexibility: The Technological Choice Nexus in a Strategic Context [1]
    Capital Income Taxation, Depletion, Allowances and Non-Renewable Resource Extraction [1]
    Causalités à court et à long terme dans les modèles VAR et ARIMA multivariés [1]
    Changes in Seasonal Patters: Are They Cyclical? [1]
    A Characterization of Consistent Collective Choice Rules [1]
    A Characterization of Exact Non-atomic Market Games [1]
    Choosing Wisely: The Natural Multi-Bidding Mechanism [1]