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    On Limits to the Use of Linear Markov Strategies in Common Property Natural Resource Games [1]
    On Periodic Structures and Testing for Seasonal Unit Roots [1]
    On Periodic Time Series and Testing the Unit Root Hypothesis [1]
    On Stable Factor Structurs in the Pricing of Risk [1]
    On Stackelberg Equilibria with Differentiated Products: the Critical Role of the Strategy Space [1]
    On the (Mis)Specification of Seasonality and Its Consequences: an Empirical Investigation with U.S. Data [1]
    On the Analysis of Business Cycles Through the Spectrum of Chronologies [1]
    On the Dynamic Specification of International Asset Pricing Models [1]
    On the Effects of Mergers on Equilibrium Outcomes in a Common Property Renewable Asset Oligopoly [1]
    On the Game-Theoretic Structure of Public-Good Economies [1]
    On the Individual Optimality of Economic Integration [1]
    On the individual optimality of economic integration [2]
    On the Manipulability of Proportional Representation [1]
    On the Optimal Order of Natural Resource Use When the Capacity of the Inexhaustible Substitute is Limited [1]
    On the optimality of progressive income redistribution [1]
    On the Political Economy of Sequential Reforms [1]
    On the Profitability of Production Constraints in a Dynamic Natural Resource Oligopoly [1]
    On the Repayment of Personal Loans Under Asymmetrical Information: a Count Data Model Approach [1]
    On the Residual Dynamics Implied by Rational Expectations Hypothesis [1]
    Optimal Insurance Design Under Background Risk [2]