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    Improving a Fragile Linear Logit Model Specified for High Speed Rail Demand Analysis in the Quebec-Windsor Corridor of Canada [1]
    In Defense of Welfarism [1]
    In Search of Advice for Physicians in Entry-Level Medical Markets [1]
    Incentives in Multi-Period Regulation and Procurement : a Graphical Analysis [1]
    Inclusive fitness maximization: an axiomatic approach [1]
    Indexation Lags Heterodox Stabilization Programs [1]
    Industrial Adjustment: Context, Causes, Impacts and Methods for Analysis [1]
    Industry-Specific Capiatl and the Wage Profile: Evidence from the NLSY and the PSID [1]
    Inference for nonparametric high-frequency estimators with an application to time variation in betas [1]
    Infessing Technological Parameters from Incomplete Panel Data [1]
    Infinite-Horizon Choice Functions [1]
    The Inflation Bias When the Central Bank Targets, the Natural Rate of Unemployment [1]
    Inflation dynamics and the New Keynesian Phillips Curve: an identification robust econometric analysis [1]
    Inflation Targeting Under Asymmetric Preferences [1]
    Information Sharing and the Stability of Cooperation in Research Joint Ventures [1]
    Infractions au code de la sécurité routière, infractions au Code criminel, et gestion optimale de la sécurité routière [1]
    Innis Lecture: Can the Theory of Incentives Explain Decentralization? [1]
    Innovation growth clusters : Lessons from the industrial revolution [1]
    Inter-temporal Price Discrimination when Imports are Restricted by Quotas [1]
    Intergenerational Contracts, Remittances, and Growth [2]