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    Finance and Growth : Empirical Evidence from Developing Countries, 1960-1990 [1]
    La finance islamique: fondements, theorie et realite [1]
    Finite-Sample Diagnostics for Multivariate Regressions with Applications to Linear Asset Pricing Models [1]
    Finite-Sample Inference Methods for Simultaneous Equations and Models with Unobserved and Generated Regressors [1]
    Finite-Sample Simulation-Based Inference in VAR Models with Applications to Order Selection and Causality Testing [1]
    Firm Heterogeneity and Worker Self-Selection Bias Estimated Returns to Seniority [1]
    First-Degree Discrimination by a Duopoly: Pricing and Quality Choice [1]
    First-Degree Discrimination in a Competitive Setting: Pricing and Quality Choice [1]
    Flippable Pairs and Subset Comparisons in Comparative Probability Orderings and Related Simple Games [1]
    Forecasting Containerized Traffic for the Port of Montreal (1981-1995) [1]
    Free Triples, Large Indifference Classes and the Majority Rule [1]
    Functional Forms and Educational Production Functions [1]
    Further Evidence on Breaking Trend Functions in Macroeconomic Variables [1]
    Gale's fixed tax for exchanging houses [1]
    Games with unobservable heterogeneity and multiple equilibria: an application to mobile telecommunications [1]
    A Generalized Index of Fractionalization [1]
    Generalized Portmanteau Statistics and Tests of Randomness [1]
    The Ghost in the Machine: Inferring Machine-Based Strategies from Observed Behavior [1]
    GLS Detrending, Efficient Unit Root Tests and Structural Change [1]
    GMM Estimators for Linear Regression Models with Errors in the Variables [2]