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    Exact Nonparametric Orthogonality and Random Walk Tests [1]
    Exact Nonparametric Two-Sample Homogeneity Tests for Possibly Discrete Distributions [1]
    Exact Skewness-Kurtosis Tests for Multivariate Normality and Goodness-of-fit in Multivariate Regressions with Application to Asset Pricing Models [1]
    Exact Tests for Contemporaneous Correlation of Disturbances in Seemingly Unrelated Regressions [1]
    Exact Tests in Single Equation Autoregressive Distributed Lag Models [1]
    Exact Tests Structural Change in First-Order Dynamic Models [1]
    Excat Nonparametric Tests of Orthogonality and Random Walk in the Presence of a Drift Parameter [1]
    Excess Sensitivity and Asymmetries in Consumption: an Empirical Investigation [1]
    The Exchange Rate in a Dynamic-Optimizing Current Account Model with Nominal Rigidities: a Quantitative Investigation [1]
    Exhaustible-Resource Extraction with Capital [1]
    Expected utility without full transitivity [1]
    Expenditures on Lotteries: What Do People Say and Wht They Do? a Econometric Analysis [1]
    Explaining the evolution of educational attainment in the U.S. [1]
    Explaining the Great Divergence: Medium and Message on the Eurasian Land Mass, 1700-1850 [1]
    Explaining the Persistence of Commodity Prices [1]
    Explaining the Transition Between Exchange Rate Regimes [1]
    Export Promotion and Growth [1]
    Extensive Social Choice and the Measurement of Group Fitness in Biological Hierarchies [1]
    Externalities and the nucleolus [1]
    Externalities, Potential, Value and Consistency [1]