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Recent Submissions

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    Strategy-proof choice of acts : a preliminary study 

    Sprumont, Yves (2016-06)
    We model social choices as acts mapping states of the world to (social) outcomes. A (social choice) rule assigns an act to every profile of subjective expected utility preferences over acts. A rule is strategy-proof if no ...
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    Ordinally consistent tournament solutions 

    Sprumont, Yves (2016-03)
    A set ranking method assigns to each tournament on a given set an ordering of the subsets of that set. Such a method is consistent if (i) the items in the set are ranked in the same order as the sets of items they beat and ...
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    Continuity and Incentive Compatibility in Cardinal Voting Mechanisms 

    Ehlers, Lars; Majumdar, Dipjyoti; Mishra, Debasis; Sen, Arunava (2016-03)
    We show that every cardinal incentive compatible voting mechanism satisfying a continuity condition, must be ordinal. Our results apply to many standard models in mechanism design without transfers, including the standard ...
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    Ranking by rating 

    Sprumont, Yves (2016-02)
    Each item in a given collection is characterized by a set of possible performances. A (ranking) method is a function that assigns an ordering of the items to every performance profile. Ranking by Rating consists in evaluating ...
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    Agendas in legislative decision-making 

    Horan, Sean (2016-02)
    Despite the wide range of agendas used in legislative decision-making, the literature has focused almost exclusively on two stylized formats, the so-called Euro-Latin and Anglo-American agendas. As emphasized by Ordeshook ...
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    A simple model of two-stage choice 

    Horan, Sean (2015-12)
    I provide choice-theoretic foundations for a simple two-stage model, called transitive shortlist methods, where choices are made by sequentially by applying a pair of transitive preferences (or rationales) to eliminate ...
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    Liquidity traps, capital flows 

    Acharya, Sushant; Bengui, Julien (2015-12-17)
    This paper explores the role of capital flows and exchange rate dynamics in shaping the global economy's adjustment in a liquidity trap. Using a multi-country model with nominal rigidities, we shed light on the global ...
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    Inference for nonparametric high-frequency estimators with an application to time variation in betas 

    Kalnina, Ilze (2015-07-24)
    We consider the problem of conducting inference on nonparametric high-frequency estimators without knowing their asymptotic variances. We prove that a multivariate subsampling method achieves this goal under general ...

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