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FAS - Dép. Sc. économiques - Corps professoral - Cahiers de recherche


Recent Submissions

  • Amarante, Massimiliano; Ghossoub, Mario; Phelps, Edmund (2014-10)
    Empirical evidence suggests that ambiguity is prevalent in insurance pricing and underwriting, and that often insurers tend to exhibit more ambiguity than the insured individuals (e.g., [23]). Motivated by these findings, ...
  • Bellou, Andriana; Cardia, Emanuela (2014-11)
    The baby-boom and subsequent baby-bust have shaped much of the history of the second half of the 20th century; yet it is still largely unclear what caused them. This paper presents a new unified explanation of the fertility ...
  • Horan, Sean; Sprumont, Yves (2015-01)
    We study the problem of deriving a complete welfare ordering from a choice function. Under the sequential solution, the best alternative is the alternative chosen from the universal set; the second best is the one chosen ...
  • Ehlers, Lars; Klaus, Bettina (2014-12)
    We study the problem of assigning indivisible and heterogenous objects (e.g., houses, jobs, offices, school or university admissions etc.) to agents. Each agent receives at most one object and monetary compensations are ...
  • Castro, Rui; Clementi, Gian Luca; Lee, Yoonsoo (2014-06)
    We estimate the volatility of plant–level idiosyncratic shocks in the U.S. manufacturing sector. Our measure of volatility is the variation in Revenue Total Factor Productivity which is not explained by either industry– ...


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