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    Assigning Refugees to Landlords in Sweden: Stable Maximum Matchings 

    Andersson, Tommy; Ehlers, Lars (2016-12)
    The member states of the European Union received 1.2 million first time asylum applications in 2015 (a doubling compared to 2014). Even if asylum will be granted for many of the refugees that made the journey to Europe, ...
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    Pareto Dominance of Deferred Acceptance through Early Decision 

    Bonkoungou, Somouaoga (2016-08)
    An early decision market is governed by rules that allow each student to apply to (at most) one college and require the student to attend this college if admitted. This market is ubiquitous in college admissions in the ...
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    Strategy-proof choice of acts : a preliminary study 

    Sprumont, Yves (2016-06)
    We model social choices as acts mapping states of the world to (social) outcomes. A (social choice) rule assigns an act to every profile of subjective expected utility preferences over acts. A rule is strategy-proof if no ...
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    Ordinally consistent tournament solutions 

    Sprumont, Yves (2016-03)
    A set ranking method assigns to each tournament on a given set an ordering of the subsets of that set. Such a method is consistent if (i) the items in the set are ranked in the same order as the sets of items they beat and ...
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    Continuity and Incentive Compatibility in Cardinal Voting Mechanisms 

    Ehlers, Lars; Majumdar, Dipjyoti; Mishra, Debasis; Sen, Arunava (2016-03)
    We show that every cardinal incentive compatible voting mechanism satisfying a continuity condition, must be ordinal. Our results apply to many standard models in mechanism design without transfers, including the standard ...
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    Ranking by rating 

    Sprumont, Yves (2016-02)
    Each item in a given collection is characterized by a set of possible performances. A (ranking) method is a function that assigns an ordering of the items to every performance profile. Ranking by Rating consists in evaluating ...
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    Agendas in legislative decision-making 

    Horan, Sean (2016-02)
    Despite the wide range of agendas used in legislative decision-making, the literature has focused almost exclusively on two stylized formats, the so-called Euro-Latin and Anglo-American agendas. As emphasized by Ordeshook ...
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    A simple model of two-stage choice 

    Horan, Sean (2015-12)
    I provide choice-theoretic foundations for a simple two-stage model, called transitive shortlist methods, where choices are made by sequentially by applying a pair of transitive preferences (or rationales) to eliminate ...

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