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  • 3D Cohort Study : The Integrated Research Network in Perinatology of Quebec and Eastern Ontario 

    Fraser, William; Shapiro, Gabriel; Dubois, Lise; Pasquier, Jean-Charles; Julien, Pierre; Bérard, Anick; Muckle, Gina; Trasler, Jacquetta; Tremblay, Richard Ernest; Abenhaim, Haim; Welt, Michel; Bissonnette, François; Bédard, Marie-Josée; Bujold, Emmanuel; Gagnon, Robert; Michaud, Jacques; Girard, Isabelle; Moutquin, Jean-Marie; Marc, Isabelle; Monnier, Patricia; Luo, Zhong-Cheng; 3D Study Group; Séguin, Jean; Audibert, François (Wiley, 2016)
    Background: The 3D Cohort Study (Design, Develop, Discover) was established to help bridge knowledge gaps about the links between various adverse exposures during pregnancy with birth outcomes and later health outcomes in children. Methods: Pregnant ...